Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Drop-In session?

A one hour period where the centre is staffed by at least one tutor whom will have specifically advertised software and ICT skills. Students can come into the centre and request assistance without appointment from these tutors during the Drop-In times. Drop iIn times are available from the centre's timetable. Each Drop-In session is of one hour duration and has a focus on different core software subjects, all tutors however, have competency in the core software languages taught within university modules. Centre management ensures all staff are knowledgeable, approachable and respectful of students' needs. Staff are aware that their role is never to do the students work, but to help them learn their subjects. This ethos is crucial towards improving the students' learning outcomes.

What is a PSLG session?

Peer Supported Learning Group (PSLG) is a proactive learning method that targets difficult modules. It fosters cross year support between students on the same course, encourages students to support each other and to learn co-operatively under the guidance of trained student leaders from the year(s) above. Students meet for their session once a week in the centre where the leader will employ interactive learning strategies to guide their further learning of the subject matter. In general, each group's session focuses on the material covered in the relevant module during the previous week. The aim being to engage the group in discussion towards ensuring all those attending have a clear understanding of the content and concepts they have to master. For more information on PSLG learning please use the following link to the Peer Supported Learning Centre who manage this learning initiative both within the University of Limerick and at other institutions:

What is a Targeted Session?

Centre management liaise with faculty and students to ascertain which ICT related modules are viewed as difficult and address these by implementing additional learning support for these areas. These are tutorial style sessions that target core concepts and content, the understanding of which is critical for students' success in these modules. The session are advertised by email to the relevant student group and representatives. Students must register for these sessions and attendance at these sessions is taken to monitor the actual uptake of this support. The centre in all cases consults with the relevant faculty member regarding the material covered within these sessions. Sessions are of a 1 hour duration (unless specifically requested otherwise) and when applicable, related session notes are posted on the ICT Learning Centre website.

When is the centre open during an academic semester?

The centre is open from week 1 of the academic semester for use as a study environment. Fully supported Drop-In hours and other support sessions commence from week 3 to week 12 of the semester.

What are the opening hours for the centre?

The centre is open to use as a study environment during the academic semester (weeks 1 to 12) from Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm. Access may not be possible during times when the centre is being fully utilised for PSLG or targeted sessions. Support from staff can be obtained during the allocated Drop-In times as advertised on the centre's website.

What are the hours for Drop-In sessions?

Please see the relevant hours marked as DROP-In on the centre's website:

What are the hours for Target Sessions?

Times for these sessions are emailed to the relevant student group as and when required.

What are the hours for PSLG sessions?

For PLSG sessions held in the ICT Learning Centre, please see the relevant hours marked PSLG on the centre's website: . For all other PSLG session timings please see the PSLC website timetable:

Does the centre offer ICT skills workshops not based on modules?

Yes, workshops on ancillary ICT subjects (Software tools, languages and industry level learning) are implemented, in these cases the centre advertises such initiatives directly to the student population.

Does the centre cost anything to use?

The facilities, supports and services of the ICT Learning Centre are FREE for all UL students.

Do you have to make a booking to attend a Drop-In session?

No, just call end and avail of the learning support.

Do you have to make a booking to attend a Targeted session?

Such sessions will be advertised to the relevant student group via email and may be requested to register to attend these sessions.

Do you have to make a booking to attend a PSLG session?

No, students are encouraged to choose a PSLG session that they feel that they can attend each week.

Who are the Drop-In tutors?

Depending on the subject matter advertised for the Drop-In slot, tutors can be either undergraduate or postgraduate students that have displayed high levels of competency and knowledge in these ICT learning areas.

Can the centre be used as a study space?


What facilities does the centre have?

The centre affords a large amount of glazing maximising natural light and is equipped with 15 networked computers in 5 clusters of 3 computers. A central table is also available for use. The centre boast a small library of approximately 180 books on various ICT related subjects. Books are available for student use within the centre only. The centre also has 5 whiteboards available for use.

What students is the centre available to?

All students currently undertaking studies within UL can use the centre.

Can I borrow books from the centre library?

No, books are available for use within the centre.

Is there space for using laptops in the centre?

Yes, A central table provides adequate space for students to use their laptops.

Does the centre provide technical support for student laptops etc?

No, it does not.

How do I log onto the computers in the centre?

If you have a CSIS building logon, please use this to access the computers. For students that do NOT have a CSIS building logon, please use the ID and password displayed on the timetable attached to the side of each computer to gain access.

Can I eat or drink in the centre?

No, consuming food or beverages is not allowed in the centre. Please adhere to this to help us ensure the availability of facilities within the centre.